“Whoever said diamonds were a girls best friend never had a dog”

Two of my most favourite things in the world; Tilly and Quinn, my dogs. How I came to Dubai 3 years ago with just one lone little cat and have now ended up with four pets is beyond me! Luckily, I love them all to bits and wouldn’t change them for the world! Here’s the low down of our crazy chaotic life in the Fern household…

img_0905Bella – my number 1 baby girl who came all the way over with me from the U.K. She’s a Bengal cross British blue and is the most beautiful cat.

Tilly – our first dog (aka the bed hogger). Half Beagle, half Pug, we thought she would be pretty mellow….how wrong we were. For the first 2 years of her life she has eaten more money than I would ever admit and we now can no longer have cushions on the sofa. This pretty much sums her up in a nutshell. img_0980

Quinn – dog number 2. We got Quinn in the hope to calm Tilly down a bit, which it did, but we realized shortly after we adopted him he was a little firecracker in disguise as a fox.

Oliver – the newest member of the brood came along completely by accident when I found him by the road. I couldn’t leave this tiny 4 week old kitten so I took him and bottle fed him back to health. Originally called Minky (as we thought he was a she!) he is Quinn’s best friend 💚

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