Vegan, why?!

Vegan, why?! This is one of the many questions I get asked ALL the time! But I don’t blame them, I use to be one of those people and I would also say the same as them; I could never do it! I love chocolate and steak way to much!

So here it is, why I turned vegan and how it really is an easy (and healthier) thing to do.

  • Why?

cow 2Watching Cowspiracy was the start of it all. I had no idea how terrible the production of meat was on the environment. I was beyond shocked at some of the statistics. I was also horrified by the impact animal products on your health. The amount of diseases linked to consuming animal products is terrifying…I’ll let you do your research on that one!

After that documentary I went onto to read more and watch more. One documentary in particular stood out; Earthlings aka the vegan maker. I honestly think every person should watch this film. If people knew and saw the horrific images and videos of things that go on every day, more people would be vegan.

  • Why don’t you eat dairy?

In my opinion, consuming diary is as bad as eating meat, if not worse. Our milk is made for our own babies, dogs milk is for their puppies and cow’s milk is for their calves. If we are drinking their milk, then their calves aren’t. I could go on and on about dairy but I will leave it at that! There is plenty of really good information out there.

  • Eggs?

Chickens get treated terribly in cages that are to small for them. They can’t even stretch their wings out and they have their beaks cut off so they can’t peck at each other. If a male chick is born then it gets put in the grinder alive as they have no use for him…..6, 000, 000, 000 a year get culled. This happens in organic and free range too (don’t be fooled by the label!) Click here for more info.

  • Protein?

Where do animals get their protein from? Plants. Which is exactly where vegans get theirs! My favourites are edamame beans, lentils, beans, nuts, chickpeas, chia seeds, spinach and broccoli.

  • Beauty products?

I’m no expert here but I do know that I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a cage all day being injected and made to feel ill. Also, the fact I own a beagle and beagles are one of the most common dogs used for animal testing makes me sick. I now try to buy vegan and cruelty free products where possible.

I could go on and on and talk about circus’s, zoos, leather and fur but I think I’ve said enough (hopefully without preaching to much!) I found this process really easy and my husband who would eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner managed it too (to his surprise) with very little fuss! I feel healthier, fitter and more energetic. I would recommend everyone did a little research into the industry to see what was really going on and to see what they are putting into their bodies every day!

I find really informative!

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