Make Your Soul Smile

What is a soul? The self, The ‘I’, the little spark of energy and desire inside of you and every other living thing on this planet. The ‘you’ that is beyond what you can physically see. Like each person is different, each soul is different and longs and identifies with different things.


“The soul is your innermost being. The presence that you are beyond form. The consciousness that you are beyond form, that is the soul. That is who you are in essence”. – Eckhart Tolle


Recently I have been doing a bit of ‘soul searching’, things to make my soul smile, finding my Torah (my ‘blueprint of life’). Coming back after my long summer break and after feeling so content in Bali with my Yoga training, it has been a hard adjustment slotting back in where I left off, especially in fast paced Dubai. So I have been taking a step back. What do I really like to do? What things seem like such an effort? What things bring me gratitude? Here are some of the things that have made my soul smile recently.

Nature. Hard to find here, but going down the beach. A nice quiet beach and just appreciated my surroundings. The beach is one of the only places I actually fully appreciate living here. Feeling the warm water and sand really helps.

Getting out of the sky scrapers! Even though I live on the ground floor and have a sweet little outside space, I am surrounded by buildings. I found it so beneficial the other week to go down to one of the areas with more low rise villas.

Buying some organic food! I have been silly busy with trying to balance my school teaching as well as yoga teaching, I have massively fallen off the band wagon with my healthy eating! Home cooking and bringing some awareness back to what I put into my body is helping. Thinking about what different foods do for me has also helped feel good – do they nourish me? How will this make me feel in half an hour? What will my body feel like tomorrow if I eat this?

Time.  Finding some time to dedicate to my self-practice has been challenging over the last few months. Working a full time teacher job and then teaching yoga most evenings has taken up all of my time.  I was adamant before that we would not have a cleaner, I found cleaning almost therapeutic (I know some people are thinking that’s crazy!) but I have had to give in.  We now have to have a cleaner because the time just isn’t there to even do the simple house work.  I have had to give up some classes recently because it was all just too much and I hope to gain some precious time to attend some more classes and do some self-practice.

Every person and soul is different.

What makes your soul smile?

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