Menu tasting at “The Sum of Us”

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend The Sunshine Market at “The Sum of Us” after teaching Yoga. I was blown away by this amazing set up. The flowers, the chairs, the settings; it looked like a wedding it was just beautiful! After browsing the menu thinking I was going to have to pick only one to try, I was delighted to hear I could taste them all!! Of course I obliged, here are my top picks.
The Toasted Muesli topped with wild honey, pistachio and Greek Yogurt. I added almond milk to this as I didn’t want to eat much of the yogurt which was a great addition! This dish was also served with dried apricots among other fruit. The muesli tasted so fresh and crunchy and the wild honey was just fabulous stacked on top!

The Smashed Avo Toast served on a bed of cottage cheese with a sprinkle of chili and lime. I very rarely eat cheese as I don’t believe in the way it is produced, however, I had to give this a try. Never have I thought that avocado would go so well with cottage cheese! It was absolutely delicious! If you like normal avocado on toast I cant recommend this enough.

I have left my favourite until last; Chia Pudding. Now I would never normally order chia pudding in a restaurant, I usually go for a safer option such as one of the above, so I am so happy I got to try this as it completely changed my mind! With the chia pudding came caramelized brûlée banana, macadamia and lime curd. There was also fresh mango and coconut shavings to add to the taste.

I am so impressed with this new menu from “The Sum of Us”. I cannot wait to get back down there!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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