Bali’s Best Breakfast Bowls!

How lucky am I to have been able to spend a month in Bali doing yoga and sampling Ubuds best breakfast bowls?! Every time one came to the table I was taken back by how beautifully it was presented and how fresh it tasted.  Here are my top 5 recommended! Restaurant: Mudra Bowl: Macchu Picchu... Continue Reading →

Time to slow down

Do you often feel like your life going at a million miles an hour? It gets to May and you think where did March and April go?! I find living in Dubai life seems to go by so quickly. Everyone is so busy, weekends get booked up months in advance and it is so easy... Continue Reading →

Not a runner?! Me neither

This is me in April 2014 having just ran 26.2 miles (42km) in the London Marathon for the charity Children with Cancer. Believe it or not, I am not natural runner and having rather short legs I feel gives me a disadvantage to my taller limbed friends! Saying this though, I have a love hate relationship... Continue Reading →

Vegan, why?!

Vegan, why?! This is one of the many questions I get asked ALL the time! But I don’t blame them, I use to be one of those people and I would also say the same as them; I could never do it! I love chocolate and steak way to much! So here it is, why... Continue Reading →

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